CERT-UA reports an increase in cyberattacks by Russian hackers in Ukraine

CERT-UA reports an increase in cyberattacks by Russian hackers in Ukraine, targeting civil infrastructure websites, government agencies, and local authorities due to insufficient cyber protections. Over 300 cyber incidents were recorded in January-February 2023, with an average of more than ten daily attacks. Russian hackers aim to gain data for potential advantages in a conventional war against Ukraine, focusing on espionage, data collection, and remote access through malware.


Russian hackers have increased their activities against Ukraine’s civil infrastructure websites, especially government agencies and local authorities sites, since the start of 2023, according to Ukraine’s computer emergency response team (CERT-UA). These sites are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of adequate cyber protections. CERT-UA has processed over 300 cyber incidents and attacks during January-February 2023, almost half as much as in the corresponding period last year. On average, Russian hackers target Ukraine with more than ten cyberattacks every day.

Furthermore, CERT-UA stated it had observed an increase in espionage attacks, emphasising maintaining constant access to organizations. Malware distributed by Russian hackers focuses mainly on data collection and remote access to users’ devices. CERT-UA warns that these attacks are potentially aimed at obtaining information that can give an advantage in a conventional war against Ukraine, including data on mobilization and Western weapons logistics.