Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum focuses on network resilience and autonomy

The Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum (CarPIF) 2018 held in Belize focused on network resilience and autonomy. Bevil Wooding, Co Founder, Carpif remarked, ’Typically we would consider how to improve connections between network operators, or to get more content on local networks. But we had a 2017 Hurricane season that has left a scar on the region and we have the 2018 hurricane season that is upon us.’ This meeting looked at the role that peering plays in improving and increasing network resilience, making the networks that deliver these critical services more robust, more secure and more reliable; and what needs to happen at local and regional levels to confirm that the correct steps are taken in ensuring that the networks can rebound after a natural disaster, or withstand a cyber-attack or some other external unexpected shock.​