Capacity development an important aspect of the High Level Panel on Digital Co-operation

1 Oct 2018

At the first official update to the community, Jovan Kurbalija used a virtual town hall meeting to talk about the role of capacity development in the work of the High-Level Panel on Digital Co-operation. He stressed that all stakeholders need capacity development to deal with digital policy issues and that the process of the Panel as such already increases the capacity due to its efforts for inclusivity. In fact, capacity development has been one of the success criteria as identified by the UN Secretary General. Kurbalija reassured that the Panel work will not just bring general concepts but will try to submit suggestions for very concrete next steps.

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Capacity development is often defined as the improvement of knowledge, skills and institutions to make effective use of resources and opportunities. Widespread on the agenda of international development agencies, capacity development programs range from societal to individual level and include a diversity of strategies, from fundraising to targeted training.


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