Canada unveils new National Cyber Security Strategy

The Government of Canada unveiled Canada’s second National Cyber Security Strategy. The Government committed to better protect Canadians from cybercrime and respond to evolving threats and defend critical systems, revealing that a Canadian Centre for Cyber Security will be established for these purposes. A new National Cybercrime Coordination Unit under the Royal Police will coordinate cooperation with domestic and international partners. The Government also vowed to make Canada a global leader in cybersecurity by fostering research, innovation, skills and knowledge, starting with emerging areas of Canadian excellence, such as quantum computing and blockchain technologies. The third goal is to advance cybersecurity in Canada while working to shape the international cybersecurity environment in Canada’s favour, where Canada’s interest include open, free, and secure internet and enhancing international cooperation to combat cybercrime. The strategy is supported with $507.7M over five years and $108.8M per year.