Bridging the Digital Gender Divide: Include, Upskill, Innovate

30 Oct 2018

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a report on the digital gender divide under the title: Bridging the Digital Gender Divide: Include, Upskill, Innovate. The report, which will contribute to the implementation of the 2017 G20 Roadmap for Digitalisation, notes that digital transformation left women with less access than men to major technologies, services, and educational opportunities in information technology; and hence it does not empower women to participate in the digital economy. Despite that G20 economies endeavoured to close gender gaps, further actions are still required including ’providing the right skills, encouraging women into entrepreneurship and innovation, STEM and software development, and providing the right conditions to enable women to participate fully in the labour market’, said OECD Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa Gabriela Ramos, presenting the report at Chatham House in London.

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The need for people to gain access to ICT resources and narrow the digital divide is crucial, and is especially relevant now in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also important to understand how access to the Internet affects the level of economic and social development in a country.


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