Brazil adopts AI strategy

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil has adopted the Brazilian strategy on artificial intelligence, outlining actions aimed to stimulate research, innovation, and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The strategy is built around several key objectives: (a) contribute to the development of ethical principles for the development and use of responsible AI; (b) promote sustained investment in AI research and development; (c) remove barriers to AI innovation; (d) empower and train professionals for the AI ecosystem; (e) stimulate innovation and the development of Brazilian AI in an international environment; (f) promote an environment of cooperation between public and private entities, industry, and research centres for the development of AI. To achieve these objectives, the document highlights strategic actions to be implemented across nine pillars: (1) AI legislation, regulation, and ethical usel; (2) governance of AI; (3) international aspects; (4) qualifications and skills for a digital future; (5) workforce and capacity development; (6) research, development, innovation, and entrepreneurship; (7) AI applications in productive sectors; (8) AI applications in the public sector; (9) public safety.