Bluesky, a Twitter-like platform, updates its community guidelines

Bluesky announced its plans to upgrade its content moderation portfolio to better serve as a platform of platforms.

Connection, below and hands with phone on a blue sky for social network, communication and sharing.

Bluesky announced its intention to update several features of its content moderation plan. The new tools are expected to:

  1. Flag breaches of the community’s guidelines.
  2. Correct inaccurate labels
  3. Allow users to report their posts, aka skeets, they deem mislabeled
  4. Allow for new features such as listings, which are used for users, and moderation options.

According to Bluesky’s CEO, Jay Graber, the project, which operates much like X, was set up by its founder, Jack Dorsey, as a foundation-level platform for social networks like X and software developers to create their innovations. This platform of platforms, he informed, was engineered to be decentralised, interoperable, and open.

Why does it matter?

Amidst the complaints against social media platforms concerning content policy-related breaches, news of the fixes Dorsey intends to implement could be the solution social media platforms have sought. The platform may also provide gruntled X users with a possible alternative, given the fallout that the platform has experienced since Elon Musk’s antisemitic cameo.