Bhutan’s commitment to sustainable development: Insights from UNGA78

Tandi Dorji’s address at UNGA78 reaffirmed Bhutan’s commitment to utilising technology as a catalyst for sustainable development and realising the SDGs.

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In his address to the 78th UN General Assembly (UNGA78), Tandi Dorji, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bhutan, emphasised Bhutan’s commitment to engaging constructively in preparations for the Summit of the Future and working towards the elaboration of a Global Digital Compact. This compact, he noted, holds the potential to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Dorji highlighted that these reform efforts are underpinned by several crucial foundations, with one of the most significant being the strategic use of technology for nation-building. He stressed that without harnessing the power of technology, nations risk falling behind in the global landscape of progress and development.

Dorji further said that one of the notable milestones in Bhutan’s technological advancement is the enactment of the National Digital Identity Act. This legislation marked Bhutan as the first country in the world to establish a comprehensive legal framework for the implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity. This innovative approach to digital identity will serve as the bedrock upon which all other government services will be accessed and provided to citizens digitally.

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