Beijing to launch commercial operation of driverless taxis

Beijing has decided to launch the commercial operation of autonomous vehicles and expand their serviceable area, allowing eligible companies to operate driverless taxis without safety supervisors on board

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Beijing has recently implemented a policy decision permitting eligible companies to offer paid rides in driverless taxis without safety supervisors on board. Previously, self-driving taxis were trialled with safety supervisors in March, and now the Office of the Beijing High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone intends to authorise commercial operations within a 500 sq km area.

Over the past four months, Baidu and have obtained permits to conduct trials with 116 self-driving taxis in Beijing. These taxis have successfully completed over 1.5 million test trips, covering nearly 2 million km, while receiving highly positive ratings from passengers. During the trial, the focus was on assessing the service capabilities of autonomous mobility companies, with a particular emphasis on passenger safety, traffic conditions, and the performance of autonomous driving functions. To ensure the smooth and safe operation of the commercial fleet, comprehensive supervision and emergency plans were put in place.