Avanci introduces unified license for 5G connected cars in anticipation of automotive industry shift

Mercedes Benz leads as first automaker to join 5G connected vehicle licensing program.

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The patent platform Avanci recently launched a single license agreement for cellular technologies that aims to simplify the deployment of 5G connected cars for automakers. Their new 5G connected vehicle licensing program has already gained its first licensee, Mercedes Benz. This license agreement includes a wide range of patented technologies that are necessary for implementing cellular connectivity.

Avanci already offers a 4G vehicle license, with over 130 million connected vehicles from over 80 automotive brands currently on the road. The company is also offering an early licensee pricing rate. Avanci’s platform allows owners of essential patented technology to collaborate and jointly offer licenses. This makes it easier for companies needing these licenses to obtain them under transparent and standard terms. The program covers patented technologies that are essential for 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G connectivity.

According to analyst firm TechInsights, they predict that over 50% of new vehicle production in the next five years will consist of 5G connected vehicles.