Automotive Voxx Electronics hit by a ransomware attack

Vox has 72 hours to contact BlackCat, the hacker group which assumed responsibility.

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Automotive consumer electronics giant Automotive Voxx Electronics was hit by a ransomware attack, for which the Russian-affiliated gang BlackCat has assumed responsibility.

BlackCat, also known as ALPHV, posted about the attack on their official dark web website on Wednesday, claiming that they had successfully hacked into AudioVox by exploiting an ‘enormous number of vulnerabilities,’ allowing them to access large amounts of ‘critical information.’

Automotive Voxx Electronics hit by a ransomware attack 3

Source: Cyber news

The gang further mentioned the type of data stolen, which includes personal data, confidential documents between customers and partners, source data of developments in the company, correspondence of the management etc.

Automotive Voxx Electronics hit by a ransomware attack 4

Source: Cyber News

The gang gave Vox 72 hours deadline to contact them, failing which they threatened ‘additional activity would be triggered.’

BlackCat claims as the company is refusing to cooperate, it will sell part of the stolen data to the highest bidder on the dark web. ‘Your refusal to cooperate with us in the specified time will be taken as full consent to the disclosure of the clients’ and partners’ data to the public domain and its monetization for criminal purposes,’ the gang stated.