Austrians embrace e-waste reduction programme with repair subsidies

Austria’s government programme reduces e-waste by covering half the cost of repairs for faulty devices. Consumers can choose from 3,500 locations across the country.

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Citizens from Austria have been taking advantage of a government programme designed to reduce electronic waste (e-waste) by covering half the cost of repairs for defective devices such as smartphones, laptops, coffee makers and dishwashers. Consumers can take their malfunctioning electronic devices to any of the 3,500 designated locations across the country. 

The programme has seen 560,000 vouchers worth up to €200 redeemed, far beyond the expected 400,000 vouchers by 2026, reports the Environment Ministry. This programme could expand in the EU under a new ‘right to repair’ law, which would force companies to offer repair services and combat ‘planned obsolescence.’ 

The EU is proposing common rules on the repair of goods, and the UK has already introduced a ‘right to repair’ law, though it is limited to certain machines.