AT&T CEO urges US Congress to pass net neutrality laws in order to prevent states from issuing their own laws

At the Wall Street Journal D.Live Tech conference, Randall Stephenson, CEO at AT&T, said that “there are a number of states that are now passing their own legislation around privacy and, by the way, net neutrality.” In this interview, Stephenson claims that these regulations “would be a total disaster for the technology and innovation you see happening in Silicon Valley and elsewhere is to pick our head up and have 50 different sets of rules for companies trying to operate in the United States.” According to the Wall Street Journal, he talked that ISPs “should not be allowed to throttle somebody else’s content”, “there should be no blocking,” and any device should be allowed to connect to the Internet without interference. Stephenson are looking for a federal law with only basic net neutrality rules like no blocking and no throttling, in order to prevent states from issuing their own stricter laws.