Arcom study reveals high youth internet pornography consumption in France

One-third of France’s under 18s regularly visit porn websites, including boys as young as ten, the study reveals.

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France’s media regulator Arcom published a study on internet pornography consumption in the country, which revealed a high youth consumption of such content: The study indicates that out of the 19 million internet users who visited adult websites in 2022, an astonishing 2.3 million (30%) were under 18. More disconcerting is that approximately 20% of 10-year-old boys access explicit adult content online at least once a month, as per the research.

Over the past five years, there has been a significant 36% increase in minors visiting platforms like Pornhub and Tukif, while the adults’ intake of the material has remained relatively the same.

The study also brings attention to gender differences in pornography consumption. Over half of boys aged 12 to 17 visit adult websites every month, spending an average of one hour per visit. In contrast, teenage girls spend significantly less time consuming such content, and this disparity tends to widen as they grow older. These findings shed light on the need for awareness and measures to address the impact of pornography on young individuals.

Laurence Pécaut-Rivolier, chair of Arcom’s working group on protecting audiences and the diversity of French society, said, ‘The study is primarily to raise awareness, but we didn’t think it was such a big phenomenon. We’re hoping that through the media there’ll be more conversations within families, because it’s fundamental that parents say to themselves: I heard those terrible figures this morning, we have to discuss it and understand why.’