Anti-Semitic shooting was live-streamed on Twitch in Germany

An armed man live-streamed his shooting rampage close to a synagogue on Twitch for over 35 minutes in Halle, Germany. He killed two people and injured two others during the attack. Twitch confirmed that five people watched the live stream of the attack, and more than 2000 people saw the video afterwards. The shooter claimed at the beginning of the video that the “Holocaust never happened. Feminism is the cause of the decline of the West which acts as a scapegoat form mass immigration”. He also accused Jewish people of being the root of all these problems. The attack raised one more time questions about the responsibility of online intermediaries for illegal third-party content. Twitch took down the video when it was flagged after 30 minutes online. The platform said it has worked to stop the proliferation of the video without success.