All-girls robotics team wins World Robofest Championship

20 May 2019

An all-girls robotics team from Ghana, Team Acrobot, won the World Robofest Championship held in the United States (U.S.), leaving behind teams from the U.S., Mexico, Egypt, and South Korea, among others. Team Acrobot dominated all ten categories of the Championship, which included: the Game (complete robotic missions), Exhibition (show off projects), Vision Centric Challenge (develop robots to solve problems using cameras), Unknown Mission Challenge (surprise missions), RoboArts (robotics music, dance and arts competition), BottleSumo (pushing bottle or opponents off a table), RoboParade (parade of robots), Camps, Carnival and WISER, and a conference on STEM education through robotics. Ghana team has built a robot which can arrange boxes, based on a binary number they were given on the competition. Ghana had one more team of five boys which came in sixth out of the overall of 52 teams in the competition. First Robofest has been organised in 1999 with the aim to provide students with the opportunity to master principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as well as Computer Science (CS), communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

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