AI cameras to catch road offenders in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire

Utilising AI technology, the system identifies drivers potentially breaking the law.

AI cameras

A new mobile camera unit will be deployed in UK’s East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to catch drivers using mobile phones and those not wearing seat belts. In partnership with National Highways, Safer Roads Humber will operate the AI-equipped camera for a week starting Monday, 10 June. The AI technology identifies potential lawbreakers, with images reviewed by an officer to confirm violations before prosecution.

Offenders face significant penalties: a £200 fine and six points on their licence for using a handheld phone while driving, and a £100 fine for not wearing a seat belt. Drivers are also responsible for ensuring passengers under 14 are belted in. Sometimes, offenders may be offered an educational course instead of prosecution.

Ian Robertson from Safer Roads Humber highlighted the enhanced enforcement capabilities of this new equipment. While their current safety camera vans already detect such offences, the advanced AI technology of the new unit provides added capacity to improve road safety.