African Development Bank Coding for Employment program marks milestone: 130,000 users across Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB) announced the enrollment of 130,000 users in its Coding for Employment digital skills program which equips African youth with information and communication technology (ICT), entrepreneurship, and soft skills to be able to compete in the digital economy. The platform offers in-demand free technical courses on web development, design, data science, and digital marketing which are available in 45 countries. The program, which is part of the ADB’s Bank’s Jobs for Youth in Africa Initiative, further aims to create over 9 million jobs and reach 32 million youth and women across Africa. ‘The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online learning as a necessity. Coding for Employment swiftly leveraged its online digital skills platform to continue to offer a gateway for African youth to become more digitally capable,’ noted AfDB Division Manager for Education and Skills Development Hendrina Chalwe Doroba.