AfCFTA launches a digital platform to ease trade on the African continent

The AfCFTA has introduced the Af Hub, a digital platform, aiming to simplify trade across Africa. It connects various stakeholders and services to support small players and foster inclusivity within the African Free Trade Area. Kenya and other countries are part of a pilot phase to enhance intra-African trade. The focus is on prioritizing startups and female entrepreneurs to create a more inclusive and innovative single market within the African continent.

To promote the free trade area in Africa, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat kicked off AfCFTA Hub which is a platform that connects clearing houses for national governments, intergovernmental, private, and public digital and partnership platforms. The hub is designed to grow into a single, trusted directory of the services needed to navigate the AfCFTA for small players and hence developing the AfCFTA into an inclusive Free Trade Area in the world.  Kenya is among the seven countries that have been selected to start trading under the AfCFTA framework in a pilot phase to test the environmental, legal, and trade policy basis for intra-African trade. Other African countries like Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, and Ghana are in advanced implementation stages of both the AfCFTA guided pilot and AfCFTA Hub platform implementation. ‘It is important to ensure the centrality of SMEs, startups and female entrepreneurs as we strive to build the world’s most inclusive, most innovative and most integrated Single Market,’ said AfCFTA Secretary General Wamkele Mene.