Addressing the mobile gender gap in Pakistan requires targeted collaboration and interventions from multiple stakeholders, GSMA report

GSMA published a report on Addressing the Mobile Gender Gap in Pakistan which looks at how women access and use mobile in Pakistan and showcases how stakeholders are addressing the mobile gender gap. Alongside the findings of the annual GSMA Consumer Survey in Pakistan from 2017 to 2019, the report hinges on interviews with key stakeholders in Pakistan, as well as other GSMA and third-party data. The report demonstrates advance in closing the gender gap in Pakistan by 5-17%  between 2017-2019. Yet, it argues that addressing the gender gap in mobile access and use in Pakistan could result in a 54% revenue increase for the mobile industry, equivalent to approximately US$130 million. To this aim, the root cause of the mobile gender gap should be addressed by targeted collaboration and interventions from policymakers, industry, the development community and other stakeholders to ensure that women in Pakistan are no longer left behind.