Accenture report: significant digital divide in Ireland risks growing social exclusion and skills deficit

Accenture in Ireland has published its research report entitled Bridging the gap – Ireland’s digital divide explored the scale of digital exclusion in the country. The report revealed a wide gap in Ireland where a two-speed digital economy risks leaving large groups of people behind. The survey of Irish citizens found that people with ‘below average’ digital competencies face two major obstacles: (a) the motivation to improve their digital literacy and (b)  the access to services that will improve their digital literacy. In order to promote digital inclusion, the report proposes an approach revolving around 3C’s: consistency in managing the gap; curriculum in arming people with skills to bridge the gap; and communication to raise awareness of the gap and how to overcome it. ‘The digital divide in Ireland is real. Our report highlights the gap between those who have the confidence, skills and ability to engage with digital services, and those who don’t. If all the stakeholders come together to tackle the divide, digital skills could become a real equaliser in Ireland, supporting efforts to tackle societal challenges such as loneliness and inequality, and helping create more opportunities for many more of our citizens,’ highlighted, managing director and digital divide sponsor at Accenture in Ireland, Vicky Godolphin.