A new law simplifies rural counties’ applications for funds for internet infrastructure

In Colorado, local governments can now make investments in enhancing internet access without putting it to a vote. A bill that Governor Polis believes is a significant step toward providing all Coloradans with web access was signed into law.

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The Broadband Bill, also known as SB23-183, was enacted into law by Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis earlier in the week. This is a positive step, according to the Colorado Broadband office. As a result, internet infrastructure can be funded by county and municipal governments without going to a vote.

This change will help remove barriers and improve access to high-speed internet. Local governments have not traditionally been involved in providing telecommunications services. However, with the increasing demand for access to high-speed internet, it is important for them to take a more active role in addressing this issue. By allowing local governments to establish broadband plans that meet the needs of their communities, SB23-183 will help bridge the digital divide and promote economic growth in Colorado.

‘So we’re expecting to make about a Billion dollar investment over the next few years in broadband projects, and some of the programs from the feds specifically asked us to look at funding local communities, and co-ops, and creative models’, said Mark Colwell, Senior Manager of Broadband programs.