A call for national digital accessibility

As New Zealand celebrated  International Day of People with Disability, Infosys released a first-of-its kind report: Exploring digital accessibility priorities and investments in Australia and New Zealand organisations. The study assessed  670 organisations across Australia (570) and New Zealand (100) on their digital accessibility awareness and implementation. The results showed that, when it comes to digital accessibility adoption, like creating screen-reader friendly websites or adding subtitles to audio-visual media, almost half are yet to make any significant improvements to their online platforms and websites .
The Centre for Accessibility Australia’s CEO, Scott Hollier said “This first of its kind research from Infosys provides a new insight into the mindsets of organisations when it comes to digital inclusion, and it clearly found those with a digital accessibility plan, strong internal leadership and responsibility were streets ahead of those currently tackling the challenge in an inconsistent way.”
“By creating a national digital accessibility roadmap for organisations to model and benchmark their performance, we’ll overcome the first major hurdle for organisations that don’t know where to start.”