700 million emails collected by a spam-bot

30 Aug 2017

Researchers have discovered a botnet, called Onliner, that has collected 711 million email accounts used to send spam messages. An open and accessible web server storing databases of addresses, passwords and email servers for sending spam was hosted in the Netherlands, ZDNet reported. The credential emails and servers are used by spammers to avoid spam filters. Among other, this spam-bot is believed to have distributed over 100,000 unique infections of a banking malware Ursnif to inboxes around the world.

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Cybercrime is crime committed via the Internet and computer systems. One category of cybercrimes are those affecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and computer systems; they include: unauthorised access to computer systems, illegal interception of data transmissions, data interference (damaging, deletion, deterioration, alteration of suppression of data), system interf

Spam or unsolicited mail is sent to a wide number of Internet users. Spam is mainly used for commercial promotion. Its other uses include social activism, political campaigning, and the distribution of pornographic materials.


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