2020 Network Readiness Index report published

According to the 2020 Network Readiness Index titled ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation in a post COVID-19 Global Economy’, Sweden and Denmark boast the highest rank at the global level while Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Yemen have the lowest overall ranking. The objective of the index is to assess how countries are leveraging information technologies to be future-ready. When it comes to regional distribution, Mauritius (61), South Africa (76), and Kenya (82) have the highest Network Readiness Index in Africa. In the Asia-Pacific region, the highest ranked countries are Singapore (3), Australia (12), and South Korea (14); whereas in Europe, in addition to Sweden and Denmark, the Netherlands (4) holds the third place. The USA (8), Canada (13), and Uruguay (47), hold the first three places in the Americas. The report also ranks the United Arab Emirates (30) as the best performing Arab state, followed by Qatar (38) and Saudi Arabia (41). In the CSI region, Russia (48), Armenia (55), and Kazakhstan (56) ranked the highest.