Study Report; Bills with Accessibility features improve ease of use

A working paper series report by the  CENTRAL BANK of Philippines (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP))  titled “Benchmarking Study on the Incorporation of Braille Functionality in Philippine Banknotes” recommended  the inclusion of tactile markings in Braille in the future design of Philippine banknotes.
“The Braille system may be used as a design element for the additional embossed feature. However, since not all visually impaired persons can read Braille, a simpler logical scheme using dots or lines, or a combination of both, may be used for the tactile marks,” the study noted.
“This will allow for a better, cost-efficient, fit-for-purpose currency design that is not just aesthetically pleasing with its intricate images/patterns and safe due to its advanced security features but is also easy-to-use and easy-to-authenticate by all cash users, whether a visual disability or sighted,” it added.

This enhanced New Generation Currency of the BSP, has tactile marks to help the elderly and those with visual disability to identify the value and denomination of the bank note. It has been in circulation since July 2020.