Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 27 - January 2018

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Digital policy trends in January
IG Barometer for January
Geneva digital developments
WEF 2018 Annual Meeting: World leaders reflecting on digital policy issues
Reflecting on 2018: Top 10 predictions
Digital policy in review: Main developments in 2017
IGF 2017: Building in convergences to shape our digital future

Issue no. 27 of the Digital Watch newsletter, published on 31 January 2018, by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) and DiploFoundation | Contributors: Stephanie Borg Psaila, Jovan Kurbalija, Marilia Maciel, Roxana Radu, Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Sorina Teleanu | Design by Viktor Mijatović, layout by Aleksandar Nedeljkov, Diplo’s CreativeLab


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