Ms Amrita Choudhury

Ms Amrita Choudhury is Director of CCAOI; President of Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter; and Asia Pacific Lead of SIG Women. She is an active member and contributor at national, regional, and global Internet governance (IG) platforms. She contributes via the multistakeholder group (MSG) at the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF); At-large Structure (ALS) and ICANN fellow/coach; British Pakistan Foundation (BPF) Women at IGF. Amrita is one of the founding members of the India School of Internet Governance (inSIG) and advises the Youth IGF in India. She is involved in conducting studies and research on IG, on capacity building outreach to improve understanding, and on participation of communities in IG discussions. Amrita also provides regular updates on Internet governance developments from Asia for GIP Digital Watch observatory.