Zambia initiates community digital transformation centers for Internet access and skills development

These hubs, led by Felix Chipota Mutati, the Minister of Science and Technology, will offer free internet access and provide training in digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and innovation to create job opportunities.

The Flag of Zambia

Zambia’s government, led by Minister Felix Chipota Mutati, is launching community digital transformation centers in a significant move. These hubs aim to provide free internet access and training in digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and innovation, fostering job opportunities.

Leveraging infrastructure from Zambia Postal Services Corporation, the initiative addresses internet challenges, particularly in rural areas. Additionally, the country expands fiber connectivity to neighboring nations, with plans for a Tier 3 data center and innovation hub in the coming year.

Why does it matter?

Despite a population exceeding 20 million, Zambia encounters difficulties securing dependable internet, especially in remote regions. According to DataReportal’s Digital 2023, the nation presently counts 4.3 million internet users, equating to a penetration rate of 21.2%.