Zambia finalizes AI policy to boost copper production

The Zambian ministry is also actively training its workforce in AI, indicating a commitment to building the necessary human capital to fully leverage AI technologies.

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The Zambian government has completed drafting a comprehensive AI policy aimed at leveraging modern technologies for the country’s development. Felix Mutati, the minister of science and technology, announced that the AI plan will be officially launched within the next two months. The initiative is seen as a crucial step towards achieving Zambia’s ambitious goal of producing 3 million tonnes of copper annually, utilising AI to enhance mineral exploration and production processes.

Copper, the cornerstone of Zambia’s economy, stands to benefit significantly from AI integration. Mutati highlighted that AI could expedite mineral exploration and create new job opportunities, thus bringing substantial economic benefits. Speaking at the Copperbelt Agricultural Mining and Industrial Networking Enterprise in Kitwe, he emphasised that AI is essential for the country’s future growth and development.

Zambia will host an AI Conference next month to prepare for an AI-driven future. The event aims to engage stakeholders and prepare the nation for the transformative impact of AI. Larry Mweetwa, the acting director for science and technology, mentioned that the government is already training its workforce in AI and will soon begin discussions with industry players to ensure effective implementation and maximum benefit from the new technology.