xAI to make Grok chatbot available to all premium X subscribers

In a very brief post on X, Musk announced that his new LLM will be available to all X premium users – seeking to rival OpenAI, which he is currently in a legal dispute with.

 Text, Symbol

xAI introduced Grok on 17 March, a chatbot set apart by its rebelliousness and humour, heralding a new era in Large Language Models (LLMs). In addition, Musk announced that the LLM will be available to all premium subscribers to X, as it had previously been restricted to different subscription levels and limited by territory.

Grok stands out for its comprehensive responses, drawing from extensive text and code datasets and accessing real-time internet information. It can generate diverse text formats, including poems and code snippets, and boasts a unique data source from X. Currently undergoing limited testing in the United States, Grok represents a significant advancement in human-AI interaction.

Why does it matter?

The emergence of Grok and Musk’s xAI raises crucial questions regarding AI development and regulation. Firstly, Grok’s ability to access real-time internet information and generate creative output underscores the growing capabilities of LLMs. Additionally, the integration of Grok with Musk’s X platform highlights the intertwining of AI technology with existing digital ecosystems, prompting discussions about data privacy, ownership, and platform governance.

Furthermore, the decision to open-source Grok AI contrasts with the proprietary approach of traditional AI models, signalling a shift towards open source and collaboration in AI development. This move has implications for digital policy, as it raises questions about intellectual property rights, data sharing, and the democratisation of AI technology, particularly in the US. Moreover, Musk’s ongoing legal disputes with former AI collaborators underscore the complex dynamics of AI ownership and collaboration in the digital age.