X now officially allows adult content

Users can mark their posts as containing sensitive media, and access to such posts is restricted for underage users.

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X, formerly known as Twitter, has officially updated its rules to allow the posting of adult and graphic content. Users can now share consensually produced NSFW (not safe for work) content, including AI-generated images and videos, provided they are clearly labelled. This change is a formal acknowledgement of practices that have existed unofficially for years, especially under the platform’s current ownership by Elon Musk, who has been exploring ways to host and potentially monetise adult content.

The new guidelines emphasise that while adult content is permitted, it must be consensually produced and appropriately labelled to prevent unintended exposure, particularly to minors. X continues to prohibit excessively gory content and any depiction of sexual violence, aligning with its existing violent content policies. The platform also requires users to mark posts containing sensitive media, ensuring that such content is only visible to those over 18 who have provided birthdates.

This move opens the door for X to potentially develop services around adult content, possibly positioning itself as a competitor to platforms like OnlyFans. The prevalence of adult content on X has been significant, with about 13% of posts in 2022 containing such material, a figure that has likely increased with the proliferation of porn bots. Regulatory bodies will closely monitor X’s efforts to manage and eliminate non-consensual porn and child sexual abuse material (CSAM), especially following past fines and warnings from countries like Australia and India.