World Health Organization has a plan to debunk false facts around Coronavirus

The World Health Organization warned about an “infodemic” around the outbreak of Coronavirus. They claim that among the large amount of information that circulated on the Internet there is a large proportion of fake stories and inaccurate data. In order to deal with this issue, the U.N agency launched a pilot program that “ seeks to give people access to timely accurate information from trusted sources.” There was special concern with the mis and disinformation that could be spread in the context of the coronavirus outbreak because China has the largest market of Internet users globally (21% of the total Internet users in the world). Additionally, there have been accusations and counter-accusations regarding disinformation campaigns from the United States and Russia. While US officials claim that Russian accounts are sowing confusion to disrupt the fight against the epidemic, a Russian spokeswoman declared that the story was intentionally made up to incriminate Russia.