World Government Summit publishes Public Sector Readiness in the Age of Disruption paper

The World Government Summit in co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers published a paper on Public Sector Readiness in the Age of Disruption at the World Government Summit held in Dubai between 10-12 February. The first part of the study addresses the main public sector imperatives for today and tomorrow. To this aim, the paper pinpoints seven imperatives for public sector organisations to improve their readiness and the lessons learned. The seven imperatives are: a) enabling trust and transparency, b) building disruptive public-private partnerships, c) balancing innovation and regulation, d) making decisions enabled by big data, e) being digital, f) building ‘renaissance’ talent, and g) building holistic, citizen-centered organisational performance. For each imperative, the paper provides calls to action. The second part focuses on the implications of these imperatives for public sector leadership to design and implement disruptive agendas. Finally, the paper provides a Public Sector Disruption Readiness Index to help governments and leaders measure their level of fitness and preparedness.