World Ethical Data Foundation releases voluntary framework for safe AI development

World Ethical Data Foundation introduces AI framework with 84 questions for developers, emphasising bias prevention and transparency.

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A global group of AI experts and data scientists from the World Ethical Data Foundation has released an open letter containing a voluntary framework for the safe development of AI products. The framework consists of 84 questions that developers should consider at the start of an AI project, addressing issues such as bias prevention, adherence to data protection laws, transparency, and human rights considerations. The goal is to set a healthy tone for the AI industry while making the process understandable to the public to illuminate how we can build more responsible AI.

The Foundation is open to public questions and plans to consider them at its next annual conference. While various voluntary frameworks for safe AI development have been proposed, the field is still in a ‘Wild West’ stage, and the cost of getting AI wrong can be high. Transparency and accountability are crucial aspects highlighted in the framework. The Foundation welcomes public questions and aims to promote responsible and transparent AI development.