World Bank invests US$150M to promote digital transformation in Tanzania

Aiming at supporting the development of Tanzania, the World Bank announced investing US$875 million from the International Development Association (IDA) in three areas including rural road access and employment opportunities, strengthen the learning environment, and alignment of priority education programs with the labor market at selected higher education institutions, and increase access to high-quality broadband internet services. The digital transformation project will be supported with US$150M to develop key main strands:

  • digital ecosystem: strengthening the laws, policies, regulations, institutional capacity, and human capacity needed to promote ICT infrastructure investment, market competitiveness, digital engagement, job creation, and innovation;
  • digital connectivity: ensuring access to affordable, high-quality internet services for all citizens, including in rural areas, and for critical government institutions; and
  • digital platforms and services: building the technical capacity, skills, institutions, and local digital infrastructure for the government to deliver services to citizens and conduct its own business digitally.