World Bank Group and European Commission announce plans for co-ordination on future of work

4 Feb 2019

The World Bank Group and the European Commission committed to tackle issues related to the future of work in all countries and regions where they operate. The collaboration between both organisations will focus on skills challenges emerging from the changing nature of work. They aim to prepare citizens with sound basic education and digital skills. Activities related to the digital economy and employability are at the core of each institution’s commitment. They will collaborate in region-wide initiatives, including the Africa-Europe Alliance on Sustainable Investment and Jobs, and the Digital Moonshot for Africa. Technical teams will meet frequently in order to foster co-ordination at global, regional and national levels.

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It is frequently mentioned that the Internet is changing the way in which we work. ICTs have blurred the traditional routine of work, free time, and sleep (8+8+8 hours), especially in multinational corporation working environment. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish where work starts and where it ends. These changes in working patterns may require new labour legislation, addressing such issues as working hours, the protection of labour interests, and remuneration.


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