Will the metaverse change our body language?

Body language and gestures are deeply embedded into us and are  acquired at birth. They also reflect our identity, including culture, sex, and age.

How will body language be transferred to virtual reality and the metaverse? Will we develop new types of gestures?

Some traditional habits, such as not using your hands too much to support your verbal arguments, may be changed, CNET argues:

My hands stayed too still. Moving my hands more and animating made my avatar more expressive. I had to learn to perform, in a sense, to better express myself as a human.

So far, in the metaverse frantic coverage, there is very little information on the impact on human communication, including changes in body language. It is not surprising. As CNET argues:

The most difficult things to do, programmatically, are the things that make us most human.

It remains to be seen if existing body language will adjust to the metaverse, or if virtual reality will nurture a new way of non-verbal communication.