White House teams up with tech giants to introduce cybersecurity certification program for smart devices

This initiative aims to raise the standards of cybersecurity for devices like refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, and fitness trackers.

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The White House, along with companies including Amazon, Google, and Best Buy, has announced an initiative aimed at helping Americans identify smart devices that are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

This certification and labelling program will elevate cybersecurity standards for devices like refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, climate control systems, and fitness trackers. Retailers and manufacturers will affix a ‘US Cyber Trust Mark’ logo to their devices, with the program set to launch in 2024.

One of the variants of the logo. Credit: FCC

The initiative aims to enhance network security for economic and national interests. Other participants in the program include LG Electronics, Logitech, Cisco Systems, and Samsung. The Federal Communications Commission will seek public input and register a national trademark before implementing the labelling program. This move aligns with the White House’s national cyber strategy, which urges software makers and companies to assume greater responsibility for ensuring system security.