Whatsapp unveils new privacy features: locked and hidden chats

Whatsapp introduces new privacy features with locked and hidden chats, offering enhanced protection for sensitive conversations. Locked chats are moved to a separate folder accessible only with the user’s device password or biometric authentication. Notifications are hidden without revealing content or sender details. This update addresses growing importance of data encryption and privacy, amidst competition from other messaging apps emphasizing security.

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The Meta-owned messaging application is getting a new ‘Locked chat’ feature for those who prefer a little more privacy for their most sensitive conversations, they said in a blog post. Famous for its end-to-end encryption, Whatsapp’s update is for people whose private conversations need added protection. Now, even if someone has the means to an unlocked phone, they cannot access the locked chats.

When a user locks a chat, it moves that conversation away from the main inbox and places it in a separate folder. This folder can only be accessed using the user’s device password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint or face ID, similar to iOS hidden photos or notes applications. Additionally, the particular chat is automatically hidden in notifications – without mention of the content or sender – as shown in their introductory video.

In an environment where data encryption and privacy are becoming increasingly crucial, with the rise of applications like Dubai-based Telegram and security issues with Gazprom-owned VK, an update from their US-based competitor seems to be a step in the right direction.