Western Digital, a technology company, confirms that hackers stole customer data

Western Digital, a technology company, has informed its customers about the data breach that occurred in March and confirmed that customer data was indeed stolen.

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Western Digital, a technology company, has notified its customers after the March 2023 data breach and confirmed that the customer data was stolen.

In a press release, the company mentioned it worked with external forensic experts and determined that the hackers obtained a copy of a database which contained limited personal information of online store customers. The exact number of affected customers has not been disclosed. The company has notified affected customers and advised them to remain vigilant against potential phishing attempts.

The March data breach had previously been reported in early April when the company disclosed it has suffered a cyberattack. TechCrunch reported that an ‘unnamed’ hacking group breached Western Digital, claiming to have stolen ten terabytes of data.

The hackers subsequently published some of the stolen data and threatened to release more if their demands were not met. Western Digital has restored the majority of its impacted systems and services and continues to investigate the incident.