WEF publishes playbook on accelerating digital inclusion in the new normal

In collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a playbook titled Accelerating Digital Inclusion in the New Normal which provides a framework for a multi-year, cross-industry programme to shape policy-making and accelerate action in the new normal. It presents three innovative strategies for public and private sector leaders to enable greater digital inclusion. First, the growth pillar examines how the public and private sectors can stimulate growth in the industry to accelerate digital development in unserved and underserved regions. Second, the financing pillar explores how the public and private sectors can best finance the infrastructure and digitisation required to enable high-speed Internet in unserved and underserved regions. Third, the technology pillar highlights the combination of existing and emerging technologies to efficiently and sustainably deliver affordable connectivity. In conclusion, the playbook pinpoints new priorities emerging from the new normal: (a) drive the rapid digitalisation of all industry sectors by establishing holistic national digital strategies, as well as concerted effort to facilitate small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) digital inclusion via end-to-end offerings; (b) finance connectivity infrastructure and digitalisation in unserved and underserved areas by earmarking some of the COVID-19 stimulus budgets for digital infrastructure investment and digitalisation of other sectors; (c) strive to collaborate across technologies to optimise the right mix to accelerate and offer affordable and sustainable connectivity globally.