WEC releases global governance toolkit to build trust in disruptive technology for mental health

The World Economic Forum produced a Global Governance Toolkit for Digital Mental Health: Building Trust in Disruptive Technology for Mental Health to provide governments, regulators, and independent assurance bodies with the tools to address major ethical concerns relating to the use of disruptive technology in mental health. It attempts at enhancing the services that support all members of society to meet their desired emotional, social, and psychological potential by helping the targeted stakeholders:

  • Understand the potential for digital mental health services in improving the mental and behavioural health of all people;
  • Develop principles and standards for the safe, ethical, and strategic implementation of digital mental health services;
  • Adapt, pilot, and adopt these standards and principles in countries, jurisdictions, and health systems across the globe;
  • Improve access, effectiveness, quality, and safety of digital mental health solutions by adopting better practices and standards;
  • Make strategic investment and incentivisation decisions in the global digital mental health ecosystems to encourage its growth; and
  • Make informed decisions to incorporate digital mental health tools into a health system, workplace, community, product, or service seamlessly.