W3C publishes Web of Things Recommendations

The Web of Things Working Group of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) issued two new recommendations for web integration across Internet of things (IoT) platforms and applications. The recommendations’ aim to deal with the fragmentation of IoT by defining a web-based abstraction layer for existing platforms, devices, gateways, and services. They aim to complement existing standards and to enhance interoperability, thereby minimising the risk IoTs can pose for investors and consumers. The first guide is the Web of Things (WoT) Architecture, which describes the overall WoT conceptual framework and its architectural principles. The second guide is the WoT  Description, which describes a formal model and a common representation. In the future, the working group plans to explore other areas for WoT recommendations such as: (a) secure minimum-effort onboarding of WoT, (b) interoperability profiles, (c) vocabulary support for new protocols and standard metadata, (d) security schemes to support security mechanisms, (e) link between relation type specifications, (f) standardised discovery mechanisms, (g) improvements to WoT Description Templates.