Volt Typhoon discussed during US-China high level talks

Concerns about the security of US data and critical infrastructure were raised, a top official revealed.

Flag of USA and China on cracked concrete wall background

Recent high-level talks between US and Chinese officials directly addressed Volt Typhoon and the espionage campaign that is being targeted at American critical infrastructure, Nathaniel Fick, the US State Department’s ambassador-at-large for cyberspace and digital policy, has revealed.

Fick shared that during the bilateral discussions, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was ‘very clear that holding American critical infrastructure at risk — especially civilian critical infrastructure — is dangerous. It’s escalatory. It’s unacceptable.’

In February 2024, an advisory by the USA and its allies shared that the Volt Typhoon campaign was active for at least the last five years. It is alleged that the group is backed by the Chinese government with an objective to infiltrate the critical infrastructure in the USA and ’cause disruption and sow societal panic’.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied any involvement of China with the Volt Typhoon campaign and pointed out that it is ‘actually an international ransomware group.’