Vimeo introduces AI labelling for videos

Creators can currently self-disclose AI usage, with automated detection systems planned for development.

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Vimeo has joined TikTok, YouTube, and Meta in requiring creators to label AI-generated content. Announced on Wednesday, this new policy mandates that creators disclose when realistic content is produced using AI. The updated terms of service aim to prevent confusion between genuine and AI-created videos, addressing the challenge of distinguishing real from fake content due to advanced generative AI tools.

Not all AI usage requires labelling; animated content, videos with obvious visual effects, or minor AI production assistance are exempt. However, videos that feature altered depictions of celebrities or events must include an AI content label. Vimeo’s AI tools, such as those that edit out long pauses, will also prompt labelling.

Creators can manually indicate AI usage when uploading or editing videos, specifying whether AI was used for audio, visuals, or both. Vimeo plans to develop automated systems to detect and label AI-generated content to enhance transparency and reduce the burden on creators. CEO Philip Moyer emphasised the importance of protecting user-generated content from AI training models, aligning Vimeo with similar policies at YouTube.