Verizon CEO calls for digital inclusivity through 5G

In his keynote speech at CES 2021, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg underpinned the fundamental role of 5G in closing the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion in 2021 by improving use cases (i.e. telemedicine and remote learning) with the aid of new technologies (i.e. augmented reality). ‘With its speed, low latency, and the ability to connect huge numbers of shared locations, this network is a true game-changer,’ said Vestberg. He further explained that ‘now, because of 5G, you have a digital connection that can power all kinds of possibilities. 5G has the ability to connect people to their passion, to bridge the digital divide, and to fundamentally alter the way our businesses and communities function.’ To this aim, Verizon committed to equip 100 U.S-based schools with 5G in the coming years and to help bridge the digital divide for 10 million youth by 2030,’ noted Verizon Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Rose Stuckey Kirk.