Vanderbilt University announces first-ever AI Training Day

The event aims to provide valuable information on AI, covering modern training methods and architectural models.

Vanderbilt University and the Data Science Institute are collaborating to host the university’s first-ever inaugural AI Training Day on 5 March, which will be open to the public. Aimed at providing insights into AI, the daylong event promises to cater to diverse interests within the evolving AI landscape. Attendees, whether faculty, students or the general public, will delve into modern training methods and architectural models in AI as the event is unique for those teaching or utilising AI models in education or research.

Emphasising Vanderbilt’s interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, Jesse Spencer-Smith, the interim director and chief data scientist of the Data Science Institute, highlights the university’s commitment to ‘radical collaboration.’ The interim director also stressed that the application of generative AI is a catalyst for accelerating research, learning, and innovation, fostering collaboration to address complex challenges.

The first half of the day will cover foundational AI concepts, exploring generative and diffusion AI models like ChatGPT and DALL.E 3. Presenters will also illuminate the diverse AI services applicable to research and education. In the afternoon, in-person and virtual participants will engage in hands-on activities, gaining experience building, training, and running custom AI models for educational and research purposes.

Why does it matter?

The day aims to equip attendees with comprehensive knowledge about the logistics and strategies of running AI models and when, why, and how to train them. AI Training Day promises to be a valuable investment of time for those embarking on proof-of-concept or initial pilot projects seeking funding.