USAID unveils Artificial Intelligence Action Plan for its development work

USAID introduces Artificial Intelligence Action Plan to guide development work, advocating for responsible and inclusive AI use globally to benefit vulnerable populations.

Within its plan for engaging responsibly with AI, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced its Artificial Intelligence Action Plan. The AI approach of the plan is in line with the two mutually reinforcing objectives of the USAID Digital Strategy: promoting the responsible use of digital technology for development, and working toward more inclusive, open, and secure digital ecosystems. In this vein, the USAID commits to responsible AI in USAID programming, to strengthen digital ecosystems to support the responsible use of AI, and to partner to shape a global responsible AI agenda. ‘AI has arrived in the developing world. The development and deployment of AI technologies in developing countries will undoubtedly continue regardless of whether USAID chooses to engage. However, if USAID takes bold measures to support more inclusive, fair, and responsible production and use of AI, we can shape how the diffusion of AI technologies impacts everyone, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized in society.’