US White House makes recommendations on how to prepare the workforce for an AI-driven economy

In a follow-up to a previous report on ‘Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), the US White House has published a new report on ‘Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy’. The new document looks at the effects of the AI-driven automation on the US job market and economy, and makes recommendations on policy responses that could lead to increasing the benefits of AI and mitigate its costs. The proposals include: investing in and developing AI for its many benefits; educating and training individuals for jobs of the future; and aiding workers in the transition and empowering them to ensure broadly shared growth. The White House also calls for ‘continued engagement among government, industry, technical and policy experts, and the public […] in moving the Nation toward policies that create broadly shared prosperity, unlock the creative potential of American companies and workers, and ensure America’s continued leadership in the creation and use of AI.’